POEM: Relationship Test

I like to be alone
Especially when you and I are together

I wrote this as a poem.  Surprisingly, really surprisingly, I did not see the second way to read this poem. Herein lies the test.  If you read this poem as especially wanting to spend alone together, then you pass.  If you read this poem as especially wanting to be separate when you are together, you fail.  If it is YOU who wants to be separate when together, then you have won a big red flag.  However, if you read the poem as your significant other as not wanting to be with you when you are together, this may merely indicate that YOU may have some about your relationship — not a bad thing to know.  Of course, if you, both of you, want to be together, regardless of any constellation of , then you can devise your own consolation prize alone, together.

Interestingly, I only became aware of the second way to read this poem after I gave it to my sweetheart — clueless meets insecurity?  Nothing a little alone won't solve…

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