Justice For Danny Brown $149.02

Today, I have to go down to the Municipal Court and pay my fine and court costs of $149 for “ posting” of for stickers and Julia Bates WANTED posters all over downtown, surrounding the Lucas County Courthouse, where Julia Bates, Lucas County Persecutor, holds the fate of  within her judgment, blocking his exoneration and access to civil compensation for over 19 years of wrongful imprisonment.  Ms. Bates has stated that at this point it's really about the . Maybe she should run for treasurer rather than prosecutor.  As an act of poetic in the face of her intransigence, I will pay my fine and court costs with bills marked with “ For .com”, as pictured below:

Justice for Danny Brown marked bills

I couldn't resist adding my two cents, as a tip, in case my main plea for justice is declined.  Typically, I write “ is NOT !” on my paper bills, but in this case, since it is “all about the ”, I will pay for my not-so- this way.

For better or worse, my stickering may not be a gateway (simply an escalating misdemeanor) — I see a lot of stick-ups in my

POSTSCRIPT: With three armed guards protecting my lone self entering the Municipal Court, a fortress of , I knew that evildoers would scatter from their inevitable cross-fire should get out of hand.  When I handed to the clerk my stack of marked bills topped off with my shiny two cents, she proferred a blank look, as if a 5 gram copper monkey wrench had been thrown into the works.  Apparently, in the give and take of , the court is adept at take, but unfamiliar with give.  With all the tender that is legal, she rendered another blank look when I added, “I prefer to offer my two cents, literally and figuratively, in these types of transactions.”  I saved her from further trauma by re-claiming the two cents.  A wiser guy might open an IRA or something, but I'm going to continue searching for venues where my two cents is welcome.

I have now paid my to , though my rent of activism for living on this plant is still overdue.

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  1. Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has started a campaign to amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United. It’s called Stamp Stampede. You can buy rubber stamps that say “Corporations are Not People Money is not Free Speech”, and “Stamp Money out of Politics”. I’ve been stamping every bill that comes into my possession and then using them to pay for my purchases. Low information voters[?} seem baffled, but some do get it. The stamped bills will be seen by over 700 persons before being taken out of circulation. The only time someone refused to accept a stamped bill was at the Post Office.
    Thank you for your inspiring subversive action!

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