Risk Taking in War and Peace

PEACE QUOTE: Risks Making Risks to Secure Peace–PEACE SIGN BUTTON

PEACE QUOTE: Risks Making War Risks to Secure Peace--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

PEACE QUOTE: Risks Making War Risks to Secure Peace–PEACE SIGN BUTTON

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This simple peace or antiwar quote challenges our thinking by asking a question about what we are willing to or invest in securing peace.  Everyone seems to understand that is costly.  However, oddly, many people seem to think that peace should just happen.  Though, this might be true, if we just dis-invested from war, but this would involve great and sacrifices that I would simply call taking risks to secure peace.  Either way peace takes work!   The quo, which is solidly in the camp, is what will continue to happen if we do not the way we do things.  This involves a cost, a high cost, the cost of war.  This is a choice, just as much as making a conscious choice to take the risks to secure peace.  As quoted elsewhere, is costly, peace is priceless.  I this peace and antiwar quote stimulates some upon what price you are willing to pay help secure peace on this precious planet, for all of its inhabitants human and otherwise.

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