POEM: Everything Reminds Me of Everything Else

Everything reminds me of everything else.

This one-line poem is a quick way to get into my and how it works.  I probably as much as I do .  This short poem cuts to the chase, so you don’t really have to deal with all those messy details.  My thinking and belief is rooted in the idea that everything is connected.  Thus, if one is paying close attention, then everything and anything that you see, think, hear, or feel, can be traced back to everything else by some undisclosed number of degrees of separation.  is just playing with all of these connections and associations.  are just representations of the next level of connections and associations that recognize that everything is connected.  People who are not poets may consider such things eminently impractical.  However, consider this:  if everything reminds me of everything else, then I don’t need Post-it notes.  Who says the of a isn’t practical?

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