Obama Shifts Military Defense Cuts to Domestic Programs

George Zornick blogs in The Nation about Obama’s Plan to Save the Military From Cuts—at the Expense of Domestic Programs.  Here is an excerpt:

“As budget wonks comb over President ’s outline for fiscal year 2013, a startling White House plan has become clear: the administration is seeking to undo some mandatory cuts to the Pentagon at the expense of critical domestic programs. It does so by basically undoing the sequester that kicked in as a result of the Congressional supercommittee on debt.

…This is a dramatic shift in priorities, and one that not many people are discussing. Given the massive lobbying potential of the industry—and the comparably weak advocates for things like Head Start funding—it’s a virtual certainty that, under the White House proposal, these strict spending caps would be met by raiding nonsecurity spending heavily in years to come.”

spending is a long-standing cow.  is the closest thing we have to a in our secular society, coming in a close second to money, only because the value of eventually is reduced to a derivative of our of and resources.  Of course, an overwhelmingly high level of vague threats to our security, meaning security, is necessary to successfully beat the drums of and get the general population to act against its own self-interest in providing for domestic security, health, housing, education, meaningful work, etc.

Pres. Obama, commander-in-chief, reigning over the most powerful nation in human history, not surprisingly, places his pinch of incense on the altar of Caesar, which conveniently happens to be him, and pours untold billions into the cow of so-called spending, which has financially and morally bankrupt our and society.  Ignore the prestidigitations of rhetoric.  Pay attention to the other hand which is quietly creating accounting devices to rob us of our birthright, our own by the people and for the people.  No, wait, doesn’t he have a in his other hand…

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