Dennis Kucinich versus Marcy Kaptur Congressional Race

War is a Crime blogger David Swanson recommends that the election that we should be watching is the congressional district nine race pitting Democratic incumbents Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur.  For those of us in this congressional district that stretches all the way from Toledo to Cleveland along Lake Erie, this race is all the more important.  This heavily Democratic district is a bizarre child of Republican driven redistricting.  Is it any surprise that the Republicans have created a district that looks like a snake!  Rep. Marcy Kaptur has been my congressional representative as long as I have lived in Toledo, about 25 years.  Having a hundred more representatives like Marcy Kaptur in Congress would be an improvement, a vast improvement.  However, this is even more so true for Dennis Kucinich.  While I would characterize Marcy captor as a liberal, I would characterize Dennis Kucinich as a radical, that is with being a radical as a great thing.  Unfortunately, the Republicans have intentionally set up these incumbents, so that one of them will lose.  Ms. Kaptur has served her district well.  However, I believe that Dennis Kucinich is distinctly a better choice.  I submit that the issue raised in the above cited article, opposition to war, profoundly favors Dennis Kucinich, that is, of course, if you are opposed to war like I am.  The courage and conviction to truly oppose war is a rare thing, even among liberal Democrats.  Dennis Kucinich has this courage!  Also, Mr. Kucinich has the know-how and courage on a wide range of issues.  No one could fairly characterize him as a single issue candidate or narrow in his scope.  One issue that strikes very close to home for me, quite literally, is nuclear power.  The Davis Bessie nuclear power plant nearby Toledo has arguably the worst safety record of any nuclear power plant in operation in the world today.  Dennis Kucinich has been a leading advocate in Congress to close this dangerous and unneeded nuclear power plant.  Unfortunately, Rep. Kaptur has couched this issue in terms of jobs, even though they would be dangerous and unsustainable jobs.  While losing Ms. Kaptur to the House would definitely be a loss, losing Dennis Kucinich would be an even much greater loss.  May Dennis Kucinich prevail!