POEM: Capital Punishment for Abortion?!

This is a poem I wrote a while back when a state legislature proposed capital punishment for abortion. Perhaps a low for the so-called “pro-life” forces. Hey alleged “pro-lifers,” I raze you, an end to capital punishment and an end to war.

Capital Punishment for Abortion?!

The rabbit died
Death to all rabbits!
Theirs was a veracious appetite
Down the rabbit whole
When it came
Two life
There are pros and cons
Your womb is their parish
Abhor shun is their crime
The bats in their belfry
Are a real hit to many
A political monster
Demanding fetus
Fetus now!
Dam those moms!
And if that sperm and egg knighted
Make it not
Take the mom to boot
All the same
Lynching would be rued
A state in force meant
Is greeded wantingly
It’s all a bout, their base
There hollowed religion
A crucifix for every problem
Priestly oversight
Of every conceivable thing
And all creepy things unearth
Though if staffing doesn’t permit
You can champion choice
With a meager fry her
One crowning present
And her last rights

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