POEM: Draft Registration Civil Disobedience, aka, Holy Obedience

This poem is a poetic excerpt of my David and Goliath battle with the world's most powerful superpower. Actually, Daniel in the lions' den is more on mark. My refusal to register for the draft back in the 1980's resulted in some selective prosecution, putting the “selective” in . Some of this and my take on can be found in this testimony delivered in 2018: Testimony for National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service — END DRAFT REGISTRATION

, aka,

The bailiff read
“The United States of vs. Daniel A. Rutt”
My flinched
Realizing the full weight
Of the world's most powerful superpower
I simply couldn't believe they herd of me
The name given me: Dan-i-el, “ is my judge”
Comes with its own

Aware I was in the lion's den

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