POEM: A Big Rock in a Bigger Pond

This poem plays with the metaphor of the many ripples of set in motion by epic forces that set up an dance with the

A Big Rock in a Bigger Pond

In mist of the
Plunges a monumental stone
From who knows where
Being thrown into
That udder most pond
That exacting spot
We find ourselves
That waving to know end
As if
Radiating hi
And lo
Positively con centric circles
All out
And if loiter
In the middle
Crushed by a boulder
Drowned by a grave muddiness
Leading a grate
Wile it lasts
Left to graveling
And sow
What does it take
To flourish
On this rocky see
Living on the edge
Of ever growing circles
To the same place
Gamely surfing
And rock on
As if
Star dust spit
And tears
Onto us
Weather pissed off
Or just
Giving a crap
In jest

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