POEM: Unforgettable

She was a spark
Spanning but instant generations
Clothed in stardust
Naked to that place before birth and after
As thought of
Less of a
More of a smile
Merging within that space- continuum
On the face of that is
A hopeful fuel
In the tinderest of worlds
As an owed flame
Meeting for the first
Caught up
Not in making memories
Sow much as the unforgettable

This poem is about human lived in the presents of our or divine which is both immediate and ceaseless.   To love another person is to see the face of God. Victor Hugo, Les Miserables quote SPIRITUAL BUTTONThe and assurance of ever-fresh possibilities and abiding, sublime companionship sets the bar much higher for what a full encompasses.  A full is leavened by unforgettable experiences more sow than a mere collection of memories.   is more fully characterized by lively experiences than sheer existence.  This poem seeks to a daringly dual encounter of both first and oldest friend, the simultaneous of the freshness of emerging and the comfort of a steadfast confidant.  May your be steeped in such marvelous moments.

Being A hopeful fuel/In the tinderest of worlds speaks to the of unabashed and irrepressible in a world that is far too fixated on command and , and is busied with armor more than amour.  May overwhelm your every .  May your life be less about getting and more about un-forgetting.


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