This takes a relatively apolitical statement, “Support The Arts,” and combines it with a socially and politically provocative assertion that artists make lousy slaves.   is perhaps the penultimate expression of dehumanization, literally selling for simple utility and profit.   and artists are commonly viewed as of marginal utility, which is simply another way of saying that our vain and capitalist/consumerist finds it relatively difficult to and/or artistic expression.  Thus, artistic expression is routinely relegated to the margins.  Of course, the margins is where unvarnished tends to hang out more freely and where the marginalized more freely embrace truth.  Heartfelt and expert expressions of the human are anathema to slavery, the making of chattel of men, women, and for mere utility.   and artists align with concerns inasmuch as free expression is neither simply sold or controlled by interests.  May the experiences and expressions of artists provide for free living and just us for awe.FREE POLITICAL POSTER - SUPPORT THE ARTS - Artists Make Lousy Slaves

Please feel free to share or print out this FREE POLITICAL POSTER: SUPPORT THE ARTS – Artists Make Lousy Slaves.

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