POEM: A Constipated Citizenry

Not so deep
Within the body politic
A constipated citizenry
Yearns to be free
Crying out
In a full groan
the dearth of fiber
An abject lessen
Lo expectations
As number too
Clinging to far-fetched promise
Toil it issues
The cant of superdelicates
The sulky left over
And faltering last rights
Uptight a bout
Weather we have it

Stop Repeat Offenders - Do NOT Re-elect Them POLITICAL BUTTONThis is at least the turd poem of mine that has featured the metaphor of constipation.  As a trained nutritionist and , I can’t help but notice the metaphorical parallels of Americans having the smallest poops in the world and having a constipated .  The highly processed American diet, dangerously low in fiber, has created an unhealthy buildup of whatever it is that makes the American electorate want to let loose the half-digested pablum of which it is fed up too hear.  The bowels of American are grumbling.  Perennially high with mainstream, centrist has reached new highs.  APATHY - The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction POLITICAL BUTTONAnd lo, the constipated party elites have built up blockages creating no sane path to a functioning , that is, a that actually reflects the will of the people.  The bankruptcy magnate and corporate-owned aristocrat have the highest negative ratings of any two presidential candidates in .  The disconnect that they represent between privileged and the will of the people captures most of what is poopy about American electoral .  Don't Laugh, He's Paid For [politician] POLITICAL BUTTON is beholden by corporate persons of the unhuman kind.   trumpets his from a moneyed world precisely because he was born, raised and romps in a moneyed world.   futures must be having a field day!  Still, the citizen-consumers of are scared shitless of being number two in even the littlest weighs; and bounteous demagoguery is the cheap consolation price afforded voter and non-voter alike. While it’s easy to moan and groan about the lack of inspirational candidates in electoral , this is a function — or dysfunction — of non-electoral . The sum total effect of non-electoral and electoral is as Thomas Jefferson stated: A ballot is like a bullet. You don't throw your ballots until you see a target, and if that target is not in reach, keep your ballot in your pocket. Malcolm X quote POLITICAL BUTTON“The you elect is the you deserve.” Of coarse, this hole constipated citizenry thing won’t until give a shit.

BOTH Parties Are Revolting, Why Aren't You? POLITICAL BUTTONMay you find an outlet in irregular politics to make the world a better place.

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