POEM: Uncollecting Notions

She collected
Dangerous notions
Putting them on
A shelf like
Sew many trinkets
Going know where

This poem is about living on the edge, the fringes, the margins — which are populated with dangerous prospects.  This poem is about being centered and confident enough to boldly go where you may have never gone before.  This poem is about experimenting with your to truly be the you want to see in the world, rather than mirrorly dress oneself up with others’ logos like some NASCAR driver for a sellout crowd.  This poem is about a to make mistakes in order to learn and unlearn what we need to be a better person, to embrace imperfection on the messy road to our .  This poem challenges the of being collected and going know where.  This poem points out the inanity of safe, living, or so-called living.  This poem is more about being than being branded — living in that vast expanse between having a cow and having a cow.  May you find your way for just today, and wake up, fresh, for anew tomorrow.

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