POEM: The History of Civilization

They lived in the period of civilization
A properly punctuated sentience
That no's know end

This poem is a reflection on the deathly aspects of so-called civilization, its facade of , and penchant for .  The members of most any civilization view their civilization as the pinnacle civilization, at least when compared to other competing civilizations — even to the point of to prove their superiority.  There is typically an overwhelming that their civilization will continue indefinitely, which is a serious misreading of actual .  Only through a selective lack of , typically fostered by societal elites benefiting from the , can such a myth be perpetuated to its inevitable demise.  American is perhaps the perfect exemplar of such a self-serving ideal.  What more dangerous and destructive mythology is there than an entire nation built on the notion that it's apply to others but can be “excepted” for oneself when convenient.  The rule of devolves simply into rule.  Such an Achilles heel is especially tragic because Achilles is so strong, seemingly invincible.  Still, as any such civilization has its period, so shall its sentence come to an end.

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