POEM: Walling Yourself In

I am reason
Number 921
For building a wall
Between you and me
Overly ecstatic
Seemingly erratic
You think that you are keeping me out
But you are just walling yourself in
Weather a fence
Or a
Your own you steel

There are many reasons, perhaps even 921 reasons, for building walls between people.  However, in the end, it’s impossible to close out other people without closing yourself off.  Ironically, experiencing truly free people can feel exasperating (due to them being overly ecstatic, seemingly erratic) and may lead to protective or defensive responses, e.g., “building walls,” literally or metaphorically.  The is that by trying to limit others’ you limiting your own .  Of course, isn’t everything; but without , everything else may be rift of .  So the next you face some discomforting , take solace that freedom is not only being defended, but lived.

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