POEM: Bull Shit

There are two things I know for sure
One, I am way too old for this bull shit
Two, I am way too young for this bull shit
Okay, it’s more
Like one thing

In my college freshman english class, I wrote an essay where I quoted Ernest Hemingway, “The most essential for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof, shit detector.”  In a weird twist of irony, my professor thought that I made this up, that it was bull shit. Even more ironic, running into people who see the as bull shit seems to be as common of an impediment in as encountering people who see bull shit as the truth.  There seems to be a large supply of available for coping with inconvenient truths.  Also, it seems that plays a large role in people sticking to bull shit beliefs even when facing fairly accessible truths.  It seems that the of the finds it much more efficient to jettison inconvenient truths if accepting them requires a substantial amount of reworking one’s own thinking.  I suspect that most of us are old enough to be capable to see through most of the bull shit flying about.  Hopefully, most of us are young enough to reject the ease of settling for a world where bull shit is often the foundation of our reality.

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