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Will Work for Change-POLITICAL BUTTON

Will Work for Change-POLITICAL BUTTON

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I like this simple design because it has two meanings for the price of one.  Hopefully, the obvious is that one will for social .  However, the other , that one will for a mere pittance, is a backhanded commentary on low wages and the all too common inability to earn a for one’s labors.  What may be less obvious, is how I combine these two things in my own .  First, I will gladly work for social and social .  Secondly, living my in a simple fashion, which I typically call living low to the ground, allows me the of working for social change, while minimizing the worries of wage , the difficulty of earning enough for a decent living.  The simple fact is that the less you spend and the less you consume, the less you need to live.  Friends occasionally ask me, “How’s the button .”  I am likely to respond something like, “it depends on what metric you might measure that by.”  The most important metric, the one that I judge my and my is “I MY !”  The rest is details.

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