What Are Conservatives Conserving?

What Exactly Are Conservatives Conserving (Earth) BUTTON

What Exactly Are Conservatives Conserving (Earth) POLITICAL BUTTON

What Exactly Are Conservatives Conserving (Earth) POLITICAL BUTTON

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What exactly are conservatives conserving?  This is a great question!  Of course, I the on the similar root of the words and conserving.  Conservatives talking about .  However it seems that if we listen to conservatives we would be free to live in a world that is being consumed by all of its so-called free human beings, and all these human beings would be competing to no end against one another.  Sounds like a crappy version of to me.   without understanding and honoring the limits of the natural world seems to me to be simply a license to ignorantly destroy the planet and all of its inhabitants.  Of course, the shared of the natural world, if it is going to be protected for the benefit of , must put demands and limitations on human freedom.  Human beings, though seen as the pinnacle of by many, are certainly not exempt from the feedback or that the rest of causes in response to our actions.  Oftentimes, when I hear speaking of freedom, it sounds to me like some immature fantasy of being free from anything and everything (or anyone).  However, I believe that true human lies in discerning what we should do, not simply what we can do (or get away with).  Reality gives plenty of good feedback about what we actually can't do, so the obsession with freedom seems to me to be a sort of moot question.  Like the existentialist philosopher John Paul says, “we are condemned to be free.”  Freedom actually isn't even a choice; we are born free.  Certainly, living in with other human beings is a complicated and difficult thing.  However, it strikes me as to ignore or greatly discount all the great things that we get from as somehow too fuzzy or somehow reducible to some  individualistic form of math (the whole equals the sum of the parts, not more) that need rely only on some “invisible hand” to do the difficult and messy of creating and maintaining a healthy and functional .  In the end, it seems to me that what conservatives are conserving is the right to be – more of an excuse than a human right.  Then, to get out of this amoral or , they claim that selfishness is the highest form of selflessness or benefit to the .  I suppose it's very difficult to argue against an that creates both its central tenet in its exact opposite.  Let them eat cake and keep their cake to.  What could be more conserving than that?

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