Obama Bookends State of Union Address With Militarism

Bookends of Union Address With

Barack said a lot of nice things in his of the Union address last night.  While these days I don't pay much attention to what politicians say, I thought it was interesting to note that Mr. bookended his of the Union address with two rather long militaristic segments.  While Mr. Obama may have a slightly different take on US world than some of his predecessors, when it comes down to it he flatly said that the US must be THE world and is a that has inflicted our great nation for many generations.  Perhaps more importantly, the of US has plagued the rest of the world for as many generations.  It almost goes without saying that in US our overwhelming might is preeminent, both as a practical matter for running the rest of the world, and at the center of our .  I can't think of a single thing that receives more in this country than the and service.  It is very dangerous and considered blasphemous to speak against US military. I believe that standing against militarism is our only in this country and the world to save our planet and its inhabitants.  If militarism is not defeated, then the necessary to sustain the and its will defeat this, that is, at least, kill us.

Please feel free to join me in any action that you can find and/or create.  Might I suggest getting involved in the occupy movement.

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