POEM: Breath of Fresh Heir

Brings that which is light
Though wanting to rest
As the whirled spins under my feet
I am
Too my feat
Standing on
Perhaps a singular word
Mysteriously helled
In -ordained gravity
Until that thirst
Breath of fresh heir
As is knew

This poem is about coming out of the other side of mourning.  We all loss.  Experiencing challenges our ability to see both the good things ready in our and good things coming over the horizon.  After experiencing enough loss, at some point I realized that many good things in my are because of previous losses.  Weather something is ripped from you involuntarily or let go intentionally, this creates a new space and new opportunities.  When you are going through hell, keep going --Winston Churchill quote SPIRITUAL BUTTONI don’t want to minimize the pain and of loss, but the mysterious crucible of is described as Mysteriously helled in this poem.  Mysterious and depressing that there is such a thing as in our experience, and hopeful that larger beneficent forces are at work, where the painful stage of sets up something better.  Of course, as Winston Churchill so aptly said, “When you are in hell, keep going.”  The ability to through the process strikes me as one of the most important skills in life.  The skill of as propounded by Buddhists is paramount.  You can only lose what you cling to. Buddha quote SPIRITUAL BUTTONAs Buddha taught, “You can only lose what you cling to.”  This is the foundation for moving freely in a whirled of impermanence.  Still, the despair of needs a counterbalance.  I see this counterbalance as cultivating an of gratitude.  Deeply appreciating the in can remind us that not all is lost, and that finds a way.  and happens as surely as new is borne.  Of chorus, perpetually invites us to partake in its awesomeness.  May you find new rising like a phoenix out of the ashes of what once was.