POEM: Genocide Joe

Monday mourning. Last week President Joe Biden spoke of being hopeful about a ceasefire deal in Gaza. I must confess, I scheduled posting this last week, expecting the likely outcome of genocide unabated and genocide Joe abidin’ his time. I wish my skepticism was unfounded.

Genocide Joe

Our U.S. support
Makes genocide passable
Israel’s raising Cain
Resurrecting those unmention Abels
Under where Gazans
Have no human rights
Or bettor still
Due not exist
Their greatest hits
A broken record
Civilians killed
Children killed
Health care workers killed
Humanitarian workers killed
Journalists killed
Know worries
Covered up
Gazans grazing on grass
Like the scapegoats they are
A soul starving for political power
Humanity bombing
As uncorrupted as a Netanyahu
Kindler and gentler
Genociden’ Biden
A long weak end
And a Monday mourning
Where hope is helled
Totally trying

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