POEM: Let Them Eat Bullets

Flour power, not bombs. Are we fed-up with forced mass starvation yet?

Let Them Eat Bullets

From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
Famine sweeps Gaza
And the prison guards feel threatened
By the unherd
Starving fore a tension
Not living by bread alone
But without bread together
Staring into what could be
Their last supper
As well-fed politicians
And pimply-faced soldiers
Unleash the dogs of war
Tanks a lot
Open fire
Drones without souls
Due the devil’s work
No fight in the dog
Only slaughter
No food on the table
As some kind
Of kosher butchery
And the head waiter
The president of US
“Billions for military aid to Israel”
His money where his mouth is
Let them eat bullets

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