RAMBO JESUS: Taking U.S. To School – Salvation is in Hand – This Time You’ll Pay For Your Own Sins

In fashion, I await for the U.S. followers of The Prince of Peace to provide in fighting the unrelenting epidemic of mass shootings carried out with -style . Perhaps U.S. Christians are too busy making plans to escort their to school in tactical gear and scheduling armed posses to patrol school grounds. Of course, will be by their side, to the end of . In times of prayers and preyers, perhaps they are asking, “Which assault rifle would use?” American Christians seem comfortable relying on supreme might and households full of to deal with neighbors both nearby and afar. Their one crucifixion to rule them all seems to offer carte blanche to kill whichever chosen people their tribe sees unfit. Gee, that couldn't backfire at all [insert sarcasm here]. Of course, if sacrificial to the point of was easy, then everybody would be doing it. I'm not surprised that people are afraid and want their , or hired mercenary guns, to protect their interests, just let U.S. stop pretending that it's . This just adds insult to injury. Such lethal is worthy of mocking. In that spirit, please feel free to meditate upon this RAMBO : Taking U.S. To School – Salvation is in Hand – This You'll Pay For Your Own Sins.

RAMBO JESUS: Taking the U.S. To School - Salvation is in Hand - This Time You'll Pay For Your Own Sins

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