FREE Anti GUN VIOLENCE POSTER, featuring AR-15 assault rifles

While school continue to be gunned down with assault rifles, I thought that it was to feature some of my timely and perhaps timeless designs promoting a sensible and humane way to prevent gun and advocate for reasonable restrictions on a lethal consumer product that is involved in the killings of tens of thousands of Americans every year, year after year, and decade after decade. With the recent Parkland, FL, school shooting, it looks like the youth may be taking the critical lead in becoming the generation to end the normalcy of mass shootings. May it be so.

Please feel free to share this FREE Anti GUN POSTER, featuring AR-15 assault rifles, the rifle used in the recent Parkland, FL, school shooting.

FREE Anti GUN VIOLENCE POSTERPlease feel free to browse my gun violence prevention and sensible gun control designs.

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