POLITICAL POEM: Among Politicians For Sail

In the of
We are the wind
Awe that madders
To those who sea
Among politicians for sail
Transcending them to helm
In their infernal riggings
And whatever weigh
As such
And how ever along winded
Wee will
Sow go a head
Be my gust

Q: What can transcend the riggings in the system?  A: The strong winds of movements derived from the consent (or ) of the people.  Perhaps the most reliable characteristic of politicians is their ability to do most anything to gain or maintain .   is often referred to as the of .  Power Requires Consent POLITICAL BUTTONPolitics is as often at the of selling out.   requires consent, the consent of the people.  This is the foundation for nonviolent and noncooperation with evils in .  Fortunately, the malleable of politicians can be harnessed by the exercise of directly by the people, without relying on simply appeals.  In the body politic, the of the is mediated by the people either exercising their which manifest realities and shape power, or by the people delegating behavior to politicians (sic) and/or relinquishing altogether.  The people define the realities by which politicians must navigate.  The pragmatic malleability of politicians makes them far better suited to follow than lead, to reflect current realities rather than challenge and change them.  The notion that power is fundamentally derived from political elites is mistaken and not what the founders of the understood of governance as derived from the consent of the people.  Likewise, behavior is derived from each person as a agent, a that cannot be relinquished and a that each human shares.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World -- PEACE QUOTE BUTTONAuthentic , by being the change you want to see in the world, is often punished by the powers that be of the quo, whose interest is in maintaining things the way they are, that is, to their own advantage over others.  Your and its equal and opposite force applied by the powers that be is exactly the measure by which your are valued.  Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you've found out the exact measure of injustice which will be imposed on them. Frederick Douglass quote POLITICAL BUTTONMore simply put, your are exactly to the extent that you are willing to pay a price for them.  Many good things in come cheap, either through the of others or the grace of .  The of the draw in possessing such good things that come to us without us personally paying the full cost is what is often called .  Good things are, well, good.  But, when we haven’t paid the full cost, or worse yet, someone else is involuntarily paying the cost for you, such an imbalance in the sheet requires moral action to assure fair treatment of others.  It is exactly such imbalances in the sheets that fundamentally amoral ideologies such as cannot produce .  In fact, amoral ideologies such as act to leverage inequalities and unfairness into further inequalities and unfairness.  In short, it takes moral force, force, what referred to as satyagraha, to set the world right.  Those experiencing the short end of inequalities and unfairness most fully the material conditions suited to such .  Those experiencing the long end of inequalities and unfairness find that their the material conditions are rife with easy and low-cost rationalizations suited to maintaining their advantage, their advantage over others.  This is another way of describing the “” in liberation , recognizing that the dispossessed are naturally better positioned to exercise moral since their personal interests and social interests are better aligned.  Surely, the have their own special set of temptations to choose the low road in .  However, the privileged are only required to give up over others for ’s sake, which is a nominal compared to coping well or poorly inside chronic injustices.  This is particularly true since the powers that be exact a price disproportionately higher to the dispossessed than what would represent a fair price for their personal, individual .  In other words, the dispossessed must invest in social to personal justice.   If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor -- Desmond Tutu quote POLITICAL BUTTONThe privileged are free of such costs, and worse yet, are personally advantaged by injustice, a cruel incentive to unjust action, or more often than not, inaction.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere -- Martin Luther King, Jr. BUTTONAs can be seen through the lenses of power derived through the consent of the people and the material conditions conducive to acting morally in the face of social injustices, the for a more just and moral world is founded in actions of with and among the disenfranchised of the world.  Expecting the privileged to relinquish their privilege — or manage the justly (sic) — is a lame substitute for disenfranchised peoples acting in the interest of both themselves and all people.  May we act in with one another to overturn injustice anywhere.

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