Free Election Poster: VOTE FOR

This free election poster makes a profoundly simple assertion: VOTE FOR.  This message endorses , but takes no position on WHO you vote for.  This campaign poster addresses more HOW you vote.  This election poster is a simple plea to vote FOR your candidates, candidates that represents your and principles.  This poster rejects the notion that against candidates is an effective way to get good candidates, good , or a system that will manifest our highest and most cherished principles.  This election poster nudges US to vote without , in unabashed and tenaciously high expectations.  This campaign poster asks that we simply and directly register our commitments and opinions by for candidates who can truly represent our political views.  This political message rejects reflecting our political representation in some fun-house mirror of political candidates whose best is not being “the other” candidate.  Such convoluted political expressions are best suited to politicians committed to securing abundant wiggle room, to avoid commitments and rather than securing your best interests.

Free Election Poster: VOTE FOR

If a candidate cannot represent your political views with and , then vote for a candidate who can.  If you can’t find a candidate who can represent your political views with and , then to create a political system that makes this a workable option.  Your political views matter.  Your political views deserve representation.   deserves candidates who truly represent us.  Don’t settle for less — or you will surely get less.

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