COMEDIAN JESUS: Pax Romana — You’re Killing Me!

This Comedian political highlights the shallow liberalism and false of Pax Romana, the metaphorical stand-in for Pax Americana, peace through so-called enlightened .

Comedian Jesus Pax Romana Killing Me

This Comedian also ties the all-too-convenient collaboration of political and elites in the less-than-enlightened shared interest of self-preservation and the quo.  Prophets, making calls for , and modeling self-, make the grate agin and agin.  Many American Christians oddly reframe execution as simply some sort of metaphysical accounting adjustment, minimizing his direct challenge to political and elites.   was a threat to Roman political rule, brutally enforced by rule in its extended territories, the colonies of the age.  Racism, , and straightforward was part and parcel to the Roman order, cynically referred to as Pax Romana.  Non Violent Revolutionaries Raze Hell--POLITICAL BUTTONJesus’ creative suited the oppressed Jews (and others) with amor of hope, and provided bold tools to disarm Roman rule.   Non Violent Revolution--POLITICAL BUTTONJesus was a threat to elites due to his profound challenges to the authority and legitimacy of elites and his surging popularity.  Also, Jesus was seen as indirectly stoking the possibilities of a violent insurrection (Judas, from the Zealots who believed in violent insurrection, may have betrayed Jesus in hopes that his would trigger revolutionary actions among the populace).  The religious elites had much to lose as their collaboration with the occupying Roman powers had bought them special privileges, a classic technique of dominating powers to buy so-called peace, in this case the brutal-for-most Pax Romana.  PEACE QUOTE: Peaceful Revolution--PEACE SIGN BUTTONPilate, in questioning Jesus employs another classic technique of ultimately evading with his infamous “What is ?” interrogative.  This now infamous questioning, would eventually become an iconic emblem of what is now central to postmodern thought: the relativity of .  For the worse, such an easy liberalism provides great smokescreens for the to evade with feigned intellectual and ideological credence.  The day Roman empire of has assured full of this shallow liberalism.  This Comedian Jesus political this with the brutal liberality of getting to choose your method of death, the too-close-too-home for millions under Pax Americana.

America Is NOT At War, The Military Is At War, America Is At The Mall POLITICAL BUTTONTo bring all of this home in contemporary fashion, the choice of Roman/American choosing which shade of empire they want to enrich its citizenry, casts a long shadow, and essentially false choice from the of those not benefiting from Roman/American . End The Warfare State ANTI-WAR BUTTON While the votes of are bought with many denominations, and presented in contrasting shades of liberality, the of American is built on a foundation of might and  that can buy.  For those whose world is colonized by America, or who live and die as nominal relegated to apartheid-like ghettos, the so-called choice of their brand of ruler remains of profoundly grate consequence.  People Before Profits POLITICAL BUTTONPlanetary citizens are hoping for prophets over profits.  It's A Planet Not An Empire POLITICAL BUTTON is quiet udderly sweating this election.  I witness the desperate fighting for our own scraps of as sadly pathetic in the light of America’s finest .  May we rise up in another American , this for the benefit all ’s and beauteous .

rEVOLution is the Solution (LOVE) - POLITICAL BUTTONIn Times of Universal Deceit Telling Truth a Revolutionary Act--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

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