POEM: Technicolored Jesus

Is it for one of those
Come to moments
Wear there is
Beyond black and white
And what surrounds
Becoming flesh
Another flood
In a see of
Red between the lyin's
More than throwing the book
At smacking
Of the full lips of won's savor
A forgiving fodder
All the wile preying too
Knowing not what due
No the color of blood
Know more
A mine blowing Jew
Borne and razed
Property of another
Slaves to shedding
That which is
Indistinguishable from their own
Pooring into the world
Seedlings multifariously soiled
Converted to a cross
Saved fore Christ
Only knot
With due convictions
Buy red letter Christians
Drinking from rose colored glasses
As white as know
Giving him hail
King of the Jews
As a sign of the tines
In tongues speaking
Reportedly above cross
As fallower remains
Intent disciples
Paving the highway to
Trod by soles
Back in black
And who
As when roamin' umpire
If a man is hung from a tree
He's black
N conceivably
Some thing other

This poem is about a for all, black and white, boringly straight and fabulously technicolor.  This poem is about the and in American .  If Christians must be black and white, the evidence points more to a Black Jesus than a White Jesus.  A nation built on still undergirds contemporary lynching, parently paling in comparison in -day whitewashed .  Of course, has ambitious rule beyond its boarders.  The imperial American rule of the world and its concomitant has been condoned, even , by American .  A Jew is inconceivable to most.  Perhaps this explains the prevalence of virgin birth .  We are all pink inside, and for some strange reason, the fruit of this seems to only be conceive Abel by shedding won an other's blood.  May we reach a stage of where we can live together as one , or at least not use the crucifixion of one as rationale for the crucifixion of an other.

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