POEM: Fore Awe That Can Be Souled

He lived buy
The of the jungle
Except for that whole jungle thing
Fore that madder
Welcome too
Living bye
A-weigh of living
A-lien from nature
As not giving
One ascent
Fore that can be

The so-called of the jungle is largely disrespectful of nature and .  The presumed of the jungle is typically a for amoral behavior.  Buying such low living is not becoming to .  Greedy, -filled, and violent people swear by the notion of a “dog eat dog” world, even if they have never seen a dog eat a dog.  And if one has witnessed firsthand a dog eat a dog, it is a near certainty that this resulted from the instigation and/or training by a human.  Contrary to popular mythology, the overwhelming majority (95+%) of living beings on this planet live and die without being eaten.  Live and Let Live SPIRITUAL BUTTONLive and let live is a far better characterization of the nature of nature than some arena of thrust upon us to bedevil us to our untimely end.  So, this poem is about respecting the higher harmonies of nature, including — the nature of the , if you will — as we the of .  Such higher harmonies lean into the predominant of as a rather than a curse.  It is a destructive lie to characterize nature, or our nature, as a taker rather than a giver.  The jungle is a wild and place, but the and wander of its presents inspires its true companions to revel in rather than dreadful or wanton violenceA Savage Is Not The One Who Lives In The Forest, But The One Who Destroys It POLITICAL BUTTONMay you find that the wild places in your bring you -affirming and render you a lousy accomplice to greedy and guarded weighs.

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