POEM: Civilization

Dogs pee to mark their territory
Humans build walls
This is called civilization

There are up sides and down sides to civilization.  shares at least one thing in common with canines: they both demarcate their territory by the waste they leave at the interface between their territory and the wild.  A dog’s territory is just seems less removed from the rest of has a way to deal with waste, with its intricate processes.  Nonetheless, humans, in their quest for advancing civilization, put increasing pressure on natural resources and natural processes which maintain and health within ecosystems.  Not surprisingly, it appears that humans cannot build a wall secure enough to separate itself from the very that it depends. The does not yet seem to see the finish line as harmonizing with , but rather as exploiting and controlling .  This is a backdrop for this short poem.  The main gist of this poem addresses the larger issue of human .  Humans have their own , which seems to be a quantum leap different than other forms found in nature — separate if you will.  Is this epic clash between human and many harmonies of nature at the essence of ?  Our propensity to building walls physically, emotionally, and metaphorically, seems as evidence that this might be the case.  Or, are these clashes and divisions simply stepping-stones in the to some higher ?  The advancing complexity of civilization strikes me as a confounding mechanism that is a barrier to achieving such a higher .  There is something profoundly simple in appreciating the of nature.  We should not discount its value by its omnipresence; on the contrary, we should heed omnipresence!  ’s apparent to increasing complexity and , in my judgment, is a dangerous substitute for the of ever- in nature.  ’s current heading is dangerously imbalanced.  Reestablishing this fundamental resides in the already of nature rather than some further development of to an unruly nature that can only bend so far to our whims.  Ultimately, we must make peace with nature, or will suffer great harm, perhaps even .  Perhaps this is exactly the humankind must gain before it can evolve to a higher level.  May we grasp the of ever- in nature and resist the to our own ingenuousness to temporarily forestall impending doom.

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