POEM: A Forgetting God

Remembering is almost as hard as forgetting us

Remembering can be difficult.  Remembering God can be particularly difficult if we are not trying to remember God.  I believe that we all God, though some of us may not name it that.  Most simply put, God is .  If we remember and imbue our with these loving experiences, then we will be well on our way to living Godly lives.  Every healthy relationship is reciprocal.  While remembering God may be difficult at times, recalling occasionally that it is even more difficult for God to forget us can bring comfort and serve as an invitation to a deeper relationship.  God's call is better characterized by the woo of a lover — itself! — than a jilted lover in an unreciprical relationship, waiting by the proverbial phone for a call back.

I wish that traditional would harness this metaphor of lovers, the wooer and the wooed.  I think this meets because some people think that it may imply some type of of humans with God; though most conservatives don't necessarily see a reciprocal in human sexual as an ideal anyway.  However, perhaps most importantly, institutional seems to have real issues with and .  The story of the virgin birth is perhaps the pinnacle of this disconnect: God has without really having , or daring to imbue a human sex act with divineness.  Then, is overwhelmingly seen as some asexual being.  My view is that these narratives are massive barriers to embracing a healthy human is purported to be fully God and fully human, yet the narrative is notably silent on how manifests divinity as a human sexual being, except for not engaging in sexual acts.  I don't consider total, lifelong (in Jesus' case until age 33 at his ) abstinence as a feasible model for the perpetuation of the , or as particularly helpful for most people's lives on earth.  Surely, there is a fuller picture that can be drawn.  Intimate sexual human strike me as fertile ground ( to pull out the big !) for experiencing deep love, which is the stuff of God.  I pray for a way for Jesus to better redeem , which would go a long way to redeeming .  And the said, “Woo!”


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