POEM: Navy Yard Killings

Yard Killings

In these crazy times
Of senseless killings
Nations seek a return
To sensible killings

There are many levels of crazy.  There are perhaps even more levels of crazy when it comes to killing.  I am not surprised at all that mass killings by “crazy” shooters rip the heart out of a nation and its citizenry.  I am more surprised that killings as part of an industry, a solemnly premeditated of unparalleled in human , are accepted as routine, “ as usual.”  Even as these crazy shootings rip our hearts out, as a nation we seem stuck in a place where such crazy killings seem to be a new .  The most recent mass killings happening at a shipyard juxtapose these two seemingly separate realities with some .  Is the convergence of accepting as a new , as unavoidable, crazy mass killings within our borders in “civilian” settings somehow related to our longstanding societal acceptance of and other “extrajudicial” killings.  I suspect that they may be.  Nevertheless, I that our experiences as victims of helps us develop and for those routinized situations where we are the perpetrators of .   , in the memorial service for the twelve people murdered at the shipyard, quoted the Greek , Aeschylus:

“Even in our sleep,
pain which cannot forget
falls drop by drop upon the heart until…
in our despair,
against our will,
comes through the awful of .”

May we gain a through our awful losses, a that transcends .  As the dead continue to speak to us, through our grief, let ’s awful remind us that every one of us is loved — by , friends, neighbors, — regardless of our as victim and/or perpetrator.  And may this unconditional , the awful of God, reigning on the just and the unjust, transform us into a peaceful people, at home and abroad.

I of the day when the violence of will be as unacceptable as /human trafficking.  Only when nations lay aside their weapons will the peace where one side fits all become a .  God’s awful demands it.

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