POEM: In God We Trust? Money Speaks!

In we trust?

A graven image

We never leave home without


For all debts, public and private

When miss taking goods for good

The most note worthy tender legal

By George, Abe, Alex, Andy, Ulysses, and Ben

Close impersonal friends

Treasuring some denominations more than others

Speaking for itself

Silencing those without



It is hard to imagine anything much more than engraving on our money, “In we trust.”  In a so-called Judeo-Christian nation, the is even much deeper.  Jesus tells us that “No servant can serve two masters.  Either he will the one and the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both and Money.” (Luke 16:13, NIV)  Perhaps, the intent of engraving, “In we trust”, on our money is to remind us that we are supposed to rather than money.  However, this also just seems to into the irony.  Of course, this has reached the point of the in recent times in the United States, with the US declaring that money is and corporations are persons entitled to rights formerly reserved for human beings.  has created human beings, and human beings have apparently created some other form of persons.  In speak it would be some form of human derivative.  is a -day Golden calf, creating idolatrous graven images.  The reason such activities are considered idolatrous is because it violates the natural order of things.  Humans are to serve and one another.  Corporations are legal fictions created to serve humans, a man-made or tool to be subservient to human needs.  is a derivative of the -day Golden calf, the of Wall Street, its so-called best and brightest, and, in the end, the of money.  Money is a tool.  People who money become tools, themselves and others.  brings us to a very sad state:  we put a precise price on everything, yet lose our ability to value anything other than the almighty buck — deer me!  We must not get caught staring into the bright headlights of unrestrained and its well funded trying to convince us that we are helpless against the idolatrous idea that serving money is inevitable and that we cannot do better.  It strikes me that living in this and situation requires that real people speak out freely against this dangerous fiction of and money as free speech.  Otherwise, corporations will rule us rather than the other way around, and money, concentrated in the hands of a few, will drown out the true speech of the people and we will be robbed of our democracy.  This is all just a fancy legalistic way of the richer telling the poorer to shut up.  What say you?

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