POEM: Attrition Verses

Much of the brutality in our world takes the form of a of attrition, where “the more of the two” calculates that they can outlast the damage to won an other. This raze to the bottom abodes well for a vanishingly small segment of . This poem looks to a way passed — contrition, a turning away from harm as a necessary mean to get won's way. May we learn that one side fits all.

Attrition Verses

Attrition versus
Each second a prelude
To every yearning first
Every our
The only raze worth finishing
Beyond all means
Surpassing interrogation
From wents attrition peers
As some goes
Where nobody no's
The won
Sown in fits and starts
The more of the two
Pain in wages
Of a calculated wore
Of dis integration
Where down to nothing
Brutalized souls and flesh bared
Till the last man standing
The gravest of endings
Enshrining as hollowed ground
Buy passing from here to kingdom come
Small mounds of common ground
A juggernaut of a terrain
On forever more
Fallowing every eerie order
Given to broken hearts and heads of stone
And what remains
A full groan
And only Abel
To dis tend
For blooming eternity
Snowballing in
The winner of our discontent
Every piece passable
Every share undone
in rune
Anew language of
A remorse code
Presents itself
Stairing into the
Of what might
Be hole
Between naught and ought
Is there know room
In the inn
And outs
Of human kind
And what bounty may be put on
That peace passing
Under standing
And a mist of this
A genesis takes us back
Just seeded
By contrition
Rooted by eternity
Boughing to that is now
Unfurling futures
Wherever shines

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