POEM: Believe Ability

As you may know, I am a convicted felon, for refusing to register for the draft, way back in the 1980's when was reinstituted. I found such a mandate offensive to my and world peace. I don't do . There is a quip that is meant to confirm your earnestness as a : If you are a , would you be convicted of it in a court of . I suppose as a pacifist this proved to be true for me. Nonetheless, I am a great fan of 's of “I am a Christian, a , a , and a Jew.” I would add a few others, such as and Taoist. Of course, the above quip applies equally to the adherence of any serious belief system, as to how does it perform in the real world. What I am not a big fan of is the criminal system. Thus, this poem.

Believe Ability

In earnest he asked
Are you a Christian?
I replied
Tried and convicted
In a court of
Though I must say
I am not convinced
You can
The criminal system

, however exacting, cannot truly capture the sublime of the and , nor the to transcend . is better at capturing bodies. Legalism is , the enemy of true . And sometimes true requires that we become of the .

I am quite convinced that there are many many Christians who would not consider me a good Christian. Similarly, I suspect that there are many Hindus, , and Jews, who would not consider me a good , a good , or a good Jew. Still, I could die in peace with the epitaph: “He was not easily branded.”

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