POLITICAL POEM: Unite In The Write

Poets of the world unite
Delivering a bill of writes
To the regressive
And overcompensating narcissists
May the of word in deed
Translate into a raging river of
Pounding against that professed shore thing
Strait from the
Sailing that authorship of see
For good
Wresting in the hearts and hands
Of around US
For wee
Make it

Non Violent Revolutionaries Raze Hell -- POLITICAL BUTTONThis poem is a call to all poets, writers, musicians, artists, and all creative human beings to put their lives and on the line for for all.  Artists Make Lousy Slaves POLITICAL BUTTONCreating a beautifully compassionate and -affirming world is the greatest of that creative people can embark upon.   is pivotal in expressing sumptuous and inspiring and sustained action.  As the saying goes, “I won't join any that I can't dance to!”  Weather your most cherished struggle is smashing , overthrowing , routing , or pioneering peace, we should join won another in an unstoppable dance party of and mutual support.  Be the that will yearn the weigh in the triumph of .

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