POLITICAL POEM: In Daze Not To Follow

The plantation had fallen
Into this repair
As fore many

Over and above
The well, known
Too deep scars
And familiar ditches dug
Subject to an other
However bound
Too knew found
And worldwide travails
In daze not to follow
As anew master
What is foremost if not
As the perennial struggle
Only partially one
Pregnant with
Poised as a new virgin of
Offering womb to grow
And inescapably bringing wince again
As tender feat must come to terms
With maturity
Of that is
Never still
So exceptionally sow

While I wrote this poem long before 's election, I am offering this poem as an inauguration poem.  This poem addresses two major realities which are often met with conflicting attitudes.  The first is that we live in a nation and a world far from for all.  Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere--Martin Luther King, Jr. BUTTONThere are endemic, chronic injustices which bear heavily on the daily realities of countless millions of people.  This can be dreadfully depressing and diabolically disheartening.  The second is that every disappointing condition can be met with our higher, better selves and serve as an invitation to build with others experiencing to create a better .  Also, there is in the fact that persons who have experienced chronic , for years or generations, have developed hardy and hearty abilities to cope and combat protracted .  This reservoir of collective , skills, and for a better may very well be the most positive force on earth.  This poem's opening line alludes to the centuries-long battle for racial fought by the descendants of slaves against virulent and ever-morphing Jim Crow laws.  The Black Lives Matter movement is yet another creative continuation of this ongoing struggle.   Truth is on the side of the oppressed. Malcolm X quote POLITICAL BUTTONIn the short run, those living by the short run seem to have the advantage.  However, in the long run, those committed to the long haul, transgenerational , are greatly advantaged in bringing about better answers to the eternal human .  The apparent reality that eternal human can not be fully and finally solved on this earth is not an adequate excuse for .  Better is better and worse is worse.  Apologists preying on divisions in for their own easy profit are as shortsighted as they are inhumane.   may be the king of profiting off of easy-to-divide scenarios where the well-heeled are well suited to make a killing from the ensuing chaos and trauma.  Globalize THIS - RESISTANCE [earth graphic] POLITICAL BUTTONThe answer to the question that is is unyielding with the whole of and transform the cowardly profits of injustice through the courageous cost of justice borne by all people of good will.  May we find the to put whatever skin is necessary into the game to assure overwhelmingly abundant opportunities for justice to prevail.  May our labors give berth to wondrous new realities.

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