POLITICAL POEM: Buy Partisan Ship

If you knot for me
You agin
Oh my
They would halve US
In a New York minute
Weather 60 second ads
Or master debating in public
For ours
To won party
Or buy ship
That teeming lode
When in realty
Wee are left harboring
To a T
Our weariness
In the wake
Of the dearth of
And in the daze
Long after
The election
Has Petered out
There are know
More mock promises
And crock tears
Until hour rejects
Sow board their ship
And bring about

This poem is about and weather we should take any from anyone.  The is nothing like — nothing like — a presidential election campaign to stir up emotions and posturing.  As someone who is chronically politically active, and someone who has frequently experienced the short end of long sticks, I have become increasingly aware of my deep distaste for .  In , the conventional would have you believe that activity and are the same thing.  This is not true, and the seemingly inescapable enmeshment of and is distinctly dysfunctional for .  In my view, both the and project of is to ever expand our and participation in our collective .  Our is necessarily communal, and is only authentic when our participation in our collective is shared equitably.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. so aptly observed, “ anywhere is a threat to everywhere.”  Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere--Martin Luther King, Jr. BUTTON in-groups, that parcel out based on membership in anything other than our shared , is a barrier to our and political .  This mine-blowing realty is the ground for as necessarily counter-cultural and, as a rule, marginalized by the and .  Nobody likes to be marginalized, which is precisely the shared basis for such a !  A paradoxical corollary to this is that marginalization, by happenstance or design, is the engine for politics.  It is no accident that marginalized people are typically the leaders of political activity, just as it is no accident that inasmuch as anyone stands in with marginalized people, they too will be marginalized.  Working through our own marginalization is synchronous with working through all of ’s marginalization.  The of , that all areas of marginalization and are inescapably linked, forms the antithesis and antidote to .

There are many overlapping in-groups and out-groups jockeying for .  This is interest-based politics, and often politics.  For better or worse, each of us is marginalized in one way or another.  Hopefully, this can serve as leverage to increasing to the marginalization of others, especially those currently in an out-group.  The tricky part is that empathizing with out-group members is decidedly more dangerous than making any variety of internal criticisms intended to make an in-group a better in-group.  Making better in-groups is the lifeblood of partisan politics, though the seemingly easier of undercutting out-groups, often scapegoating or even demonizing them, is what truly makes politics a bloodsport.  Haters hating haters is cause for plenty of bloodshed.  Nevertheless, to add insult to injury, and injury to non-, of enemy prompts much bloodshed as well, though it is the lovers who are crucified, their own blood spilled.  Transcending narrow self-interests and in-group privileges is a costly endeavor exceeded only by the pricelessness of for all.

Beyond Democratic and partisanship, is a unifying in-groupism, that corrosive beast called nationalism.  Nationalism Infantile Disease Measles of Mankind--PEACE QUOTE BUTTONThat ever-popular divide between Team and Team Non- (or Un-American).  As a nation, we are blind to the -ridden assertion that what’s good for is good for the world.  On occasion we may see clearly, yet we are at least as likely to fall for similar -ridden assertions that are in fact against even our narrow interests, such as “what is good for General Motors is good for .”  Such endemic blindness is what Jesus was referring to when he spoke of the blind leading the blind, caught in a bind of our lack of or consciousness.  Only higher consciousness of our shared humanity can overcome such lower ordered thinking and partisan warring, which is doomed to eternal, unsolvable between “competing” interests.

Partisans inevitably think that anyone not for them is against them.  This is not the secret of the spirit of .  Interestingly, welcoming as, with, and for the least (those marginalized) is the greatest — “For whoever is the least among all of you, he is the greatest.” and “for whoever is not against you is for you.” [Luke 9:48,50]Jesus: What Happened to Least of These - Christian POLITICAL BUTTON

May we be willing to pay the price for among all of ’s , which is breaking free of being beholden to in-group and privileges, and fervently welcoming all good things for the least among us.

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