POEM: The Largesse Hope Passable

Its knot
A bout winning
Aisle let go
Out come
The largesse
Becoming passable

I Don't Want My Country Back, I Want My Country Forward POLITICAL BUTTONThis poem is about movement compared to electoral .  Electoral is defined by the box.  The box in the United States is the least accessible of any western .  We do not have universal voter registration.  We have a gauntlet of barriers winnowing out registered .  This is all undergirded by widespread illiteracy.  The typical American neither knows nor cares about voter ignorance or .  Though in the the daze after the election they may complain about whichever one won: ignorance or .  Less than half of the eligible votes in are even cast, so at best a plurality of a fraction of the electorate are deciding .  This fate is worsened by the that a few elites select the even fewer candidates in which to throw our .  Do You Suffer From Electile Dysfunction? The inability to be aroused by any political candidate POLITICAL BUTTONIf is the of politics, then the United States has the most artful in the so-called free world.   is essentially responding to the question: Who will I to govern over me?  I strongly suspect that non- is less a manifestation of being in liberty than endemic electile dysfunction.  In , is damned if you do, dammed if you don't!  The bickering , as a rule, wins.  I Don't Care Which Party Is In Control, I Don't Want To Be Controlled POLITICAL BUTTONMovement politics is the larger politics that changes the winds in the rigged sale of democracy.  Movement politics is our best for see .  Weather it's the Black Lives Matter movement, the queer movement, or the peace movement, such movements open up new possibilities, not merely passabilities.  There is a slew of slick proposals for every won that can carry us across the threshold.  While electoral politics is bettor characterized buy having having their pants down, movement politics is bottom up, shooting for the moon that professional politicians only shake their heads at.  In a hurricane of parties of NO, top-down politics wants US to exchange our liberty for some shiny beads around our neck. A ballot is like a bullet. You don't throw your ballots until you see a target, and if that target is not in reach, keep your ballot in your pocket. Malcolm X quote POLITICAL BUTTONMovement politics is about gloriously saying YES, nonetheless, being very choosy about who or what consenting to.  The largesse that movement politics taps into reflects the highest form of .  And with to movement politics we can inaugurate healthy , not merely beholden or hopelessly screwy.

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