POEM: Enough Awe Ready

He saw
In have
Like sum carnival game
Destined to win
As if
In sane
As blown two bits
Caught looking
Like a fun house mirror
Mirror on the wall
Axing who is the fairest
Of ummm
Busted by what is shard
With no won
As too haves
Make a hole
Filled in
Presence intact
With twisted knows
And everybody stretched
Beyond recognition
Of what is
Ready today

This poem is an to my of becoming increasingly surreal.  I am perpetually befuddled at how we humans can bypass the ever- freely available in any -given moment for the cheap, gaudy prizes hawked by the carnival barkers of our so-called civilization.   and possess us.  Having trumps being.  Our fixations on imprisoning security, superficial and vain distractions, ego-catering status, and national distort our worldviews like a fun-house mirror, a broken won at that.   fuels us into believing that our common cents whirled is accurate, or perhaps inescapable, if not necessarily healthy.   is not about pawning or cynically tolerating “necessary” evil; rather is simply seeing things as they are.  I strongly suspect, and hope, that my befuddlement emanates from the gap between seeing things as the really are versus the circus of -consuming American blowing through town and this flicker of human and planetary history.  May we all see things, and accept things, as they really are, making it most possible to fulfill our most deeply real dreams.

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