POEM: Enough Awe Ready

He saw
In have
Like sum carnival game
Destined to win
As if
In sane
As blown two bits
Caught looking
Like a fun house mirror
Mirror on the wall
Axing who is the fairest
Of ummm
Busted by what is shard
With no won
As too haves
Make a hole
Filled in
Presence intact
With twisted knows
And everybody stretched
Beyond recognition
Of what is
Ready today

This poem is an to my of becoming increasingly .  I am perpetually befuddled at how we humans can bypass the ever- freely available in any -given moment for the cheap, gaudy prizes hawked by the carnival barkers of our so-called civilization.   and possess us.  Having trumps being.  Our fixations on imprisoning , and vain distractions, ego-catering , and distort our worldviews like a fun-house mirror, a broken won at that.   fuels us into believing that our common cents whirled is accurate, or perhaps inescapable, if not necessarily healthy.   is not about pawning or cynically tolerating “necessary” ; rather is simply seeing things as they are.  I strongly suspect, and , that my befuddlement emanates from the gap between seeing things as the really are versus the circus of awe-consuming American blowing through town and this flicker of human and planetary .  May we all see things, and accept things, as they really are, making it most possible to fulfill our most deeply real .

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