POEM: Ferry Tales

Buy politicians
We have been tolled
Ferry tales
From bank to bank
Holding no water
Liquidating assets
Left and right
Sow gully able
As they desperately wanton
US to believe
The chosen few, the elect
As top down
Driving in convertible submarines
Celling down the river
As whatever
Thou dust
Having already
The KoolAid™
In effacing endless boos
As given the owed college try
And in curable desperation
Quipped to say
Bottom up
As no need to take any ship
From any won
Nor bail
For yawl

Here is an election day themed poem for Ohio's presidential primary today.  While it's easy to be about , the adage, follow the , is a powerful tool for understanding and .  The class, overpopulated by the aristocracy, has well developed strategies and tactics to appeal to the notion that they are on your side.  Inevitably, moneyed folks have a way of perpetuating their interests over less economically endowed folks.  These strategies and tactics are built into our everyday — appealing to crass as distraction and chasing (and its attendant addictive cycles of and over-) as the unquestioned path to the good — but during campaign season the high typically pushes the limits of .  Unfortunately, the United States electorate is the most uniformed electorate among so-called advanced industrial democracies.  Plus, with brazen gerrymandering, corrupt party , lack of universal voter registration, and a whole host of practices degrading voter participation rather than enhancing it, our has been bought and sold.  Our so-called would be more aptly described as an , , or even kleptocracy.  Voter turnout in the U.S. is the lowest among so-called developed countries.  While increased voter turnout could offer modestly better results, a poorly informed electorate does not have the essential immunization against and manipulation that would make for a functioning .  I strongly suspect the the bulk of effort needed to revitalize our democracy must occur outside of electoral politics, with that force changes in our system alongside cultivating positive changes toward a more just that respects and dignity for all.  matters, but if we rely primarily on , whatever is left of our democracy will matter little.  Vote with your feet and hit the streets; organize; and be the you want to see in the world.

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