POEM: Going, Going, Gone

Scores of politicians
Going for green
As peddlers of pabulum
Powered buy vicious cycles
Going for blue
As admirals of addled ad mirers
Going for red
As wore, wore, wore
Posing as knew
Gone adieu this
Until nothing left
Gone adieu that
Until nothing right
Going, going
Too too mulch
For tender truths to sprout
With the win
Un-till effacing larger truths
Over taking
And out with the owed
In with the new
that was lost
A hearty
And overdo

Here’s another election poem taking on in and politicians who use deceptive and generalities to engender just enough support from party loyalists, ironically called the “base,” and from the remaining few who vote, enough support from those who dislike the other candidate more.  I will pass on such centrist and electoral that serves few except those already in .  I vote for a hearty where citizen activists create the they truly want to see the world, with unrepentant .  We can do better!  I pledge to each day to create a for myself that when overdue revolutions arise that I won’t be hesitating between my current and a better for all.  I will plant and cultivate tender truths amidst the excrement that passes for mainstream electoral is in our .  And never sells out!

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