POEM: Signs of The Tines

At the White House speak easy
Blah blah blah blah blah blah
The drinks it up
At a mine-blowingly vapid clip
In the mean
On the plantation
Grounds to a halt
Surrounded by offense
In arose guardin’
At least since 1984
Black sheep a massing
Estate clearly
As to klan destined premises
And as such a tract
An overwhelming
Met with all arm
As privates in public places
And wile mill or tarry
As eventuality
Weather picked up for loitering
Or trashing
Hour constitutional is put down
And though wee are like
A communal terrain
Pigs offer another forum of public transportation
A signing
This won in the can
Matching our zeal to the maxim
In another banner day
For homeland
Or whatever it scald
As grows smolder
And another die cast
For the prints of darkness
Wielding a pitchfork for the signs of the tines
A tail never to be told

This is a poem about and/or — sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference these days — putting down a protest at the White House.  Typically, the corporate give little coverage to such taken into the hands of ruly citizens, and what coverage they give is often and dismissive.  The demonstration in this poem has overtones of a Black Lives Matter protest, making it contemporary, but it could very well be most any protest in times at the White House.  The title of this poem, Signs of The Tines, has what may be an easily missed pun, referencing the tines of the devil’s pitchfork casting signs into a bonfire, which might very well be the preeminent renewable energy source in .  Protest and direct nonviolent has always forced to confront a legal and of routinely violating constitutional rights, often under the pretext of .  Most any perceived threat to the triggers an overreaction, even an crisis, from most any nationalist from right to left.  Exposing the naked sovereignty of the , particularly when in bankruptcy, is one of the most useful effects offers.  The veneer of civilization can be quickly peeled back to witness the assertion of brute force in the religion of and sovereignty.  And for those of you who may dare to believe that we are a nation under , think again.  I confronted this directly in my legal challenge to .  As a motion to dismiss based on offering no opportunity to indicate conscientious objector , the federal judge rejected the motion citing a case from the 1930’s which stated that the federal has the absolute to conscript anyone in the United States, regardless of or anything else.  Conscientious objector is merely a historical and concession which was literally referred to as “legislative .”  I must admit, in this decade-long to forced participation in Team , this was the only thing that truly surprised me.  I, for one, am unwilling to concede absolute to any .  I actually wasn’t even very excited about this motion for dismissal, but my pro bono lawyers wanted to test this legal .  Frankly, I wouldn’t have registered even had there been a way to meaningfully indicate .  I think I registered my objection quite meaningfully without their approval or feigned “.”  You might want to pay attention to the wizard behind the gracefully flowing curtain, dutifully colored, red, white, and blue…

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