POEM: Insane Asylum Patience

Whose is worse
They argued
The insane asylum
Condemning barbarism
As the strongest barbarians
Write history
And write makes right
Or sow it might
As cartoonish caricatures
Capture humanities
A tension
Leaving those under
Lying causes
Uniformly camouflaged
Amid academic renditions
In citing
Abel to question
and neighbor
And a religion that means
For know One
Con fronting
Of necessary

This poem, universally condemning violence, was inspired in the wake of the murders of 12 cartoonists and in France.  The perpetrators of this were apparently Islamic extremists, in contrast to other extremists such as those perpetrating in a secular, Christian, Hindu, or variety.  is an to be rejected.  should be rejected whether it is a lone assailant or with the official sponsorship of some nation- or sect.  Still, there is a special place in reserved for those who sponsor -on-earth by heaping upon in some official capacity.  If you believe that is a imperative, or in some amoral way necessary, I would suggest exploring a bigger or worldview.  Perpetrators of are self-fulfilling prophets.  If we don’t transcend the notion that is necessary, we will be rewarded with the perpetual struggle to dominate one another.  We are all recovering from the effects of violence.  This experience of hurt and feeds a reciprocal response with violence.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  This is a powerful law of both and metaphysics.  This law should not be taken flippantly; just look at the havoc perpetuating itself through the action of this law!  However, while this law has profound ramifications on human life, a palpable sign of the divine order of the created universe, humans are not bound only by this law.  Human free will, agency, can choose other options besides tit for tat.  is a supernatural aspect of in the sense that it transcends mere physics; it adds stuff to the mix of and its rolling out of the cause and effect world.  As so profoundly put forth, “Be the you want to see in the world.”  Of course, you don’t “have to” be nonviolent, just as you don’t “have to” be violent.  This may be the most profoundly aspects of human life, that each of us get to add our chosen to the mix of our shared reality.  And these will echo in eternity.

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