POEM: In Possibility Incarnate

Alex created
A of
Each infinitely improbable
In incarnate
Bound only
By certain desire
One in many

This poem is a mini-manifesto on and the artistic process; hopefully, inducing some and incarnating some guidance.  Surly, can be enhanced by rarefied skills.  Still, art at its core is a of .  Art is democratic in a sense; anyone willing to dance with desire and can cast a vote.  Art is abundantly fair in that you can vote early and often in this dance called .  Ultimately, the whole of our is our of art.  Of course, critics also abound.  Those who can't do, teach; those who can't teach, criticize.  We all have areas of our lives where doing, leading by example, being the change we want to see in the world, devolves into mere teaching.  Further, we all have areas of our lives where teaching devolves into mere criticizing.  Some don't even have the or to even choose what they do, and instead of living, their is lived for them by the forces surrounding them.  The in creating art is bound by certain desire.  As certainly, our desires and passions are unique, not identical to any other.  In expressing our unique selves and perspectives, art is both intensely personal and inescapably social, an expression of our as one in many.  Some claim that all art is about .  I think this means that all art is an expression of our as one in many and our relationship with the whole, the One, of which some call .  Of course, many artists are reluctant to speak of directly, often for very different reasons.  Some view the One as unspeakably and speaking falls short, even more so than our tentative art or lives.  Some view any formal relationship with God, often referred to as , as a source of unspeakable horrors.  I suspect that the views on this are as diverse as the art and artists daring to ponder such stuff.  Neither this poem, nor my rantings, are intended to serve as some ultimate guide to correctness, though my life inescapably expresses a particular .  While this poem is not overtly — a little unusual for my — I tend to view artists as inherently , mostly because artists make lousy slaves.

On a different note, some may wonder if the names I use in my are based on real people.  Sometimes they are; usually they are not.  I tend to select androgynous names, both as a way of avoiding sexist complications and as another way to pack two meanings in one.  Authors often write about what they know.  As a man, I often simply write from a male ; thus, I more often choose male characters.  Of course, sometimes I choose a 's in a way that challenges dominant definitions and stereotypical views of and femininity.

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