POEM: Paying Attention

Are you too broke to pay attention?

This one-line poem most directly seeks to de-link material from perhaps the greatest tool available to humans: , or .  Being able to access , regardless of , , or “worldly” , is perhaps the greatest foundation for achieving and , as well as “.”  Being mindful of our inner and our outer , particularly other sentient beings, better aligns us with . is necessary to mine the inner of our own and how this may resonate with others’ (including any conception or belief about ).   is necessary to accurately, minimizing bias, “objectively, ” understand the outer world we share with others.  While is simply a process, the end result is and , which I believe is the glue that holds together.  By truly paying attention to the difficulties of encountered by ourselves and others, it is nearly impossible to avoid developing and .  This includes for ourselves, in facing the daunting challenges of life.  This serves as a shield from , the that distorts our own view of ourselves in relation to others and discounts our many ignorances about ourselves and the world in which we live.  I am not too broke to pay attention.  However, I am just enough broke to appreciate and the many graces which even allow me to ponder such matters.

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