POEM: My Ransom

I had drug
All my holdings
To the pinnacle of
And the depths of conceded
Long the way
It was
My ransom
Delivering me

Oftentimes our end up possessing us.  Like a drug that has a hold on us, requiring more and more to get the same high.  Many will concede that , , and lead many to be conceited — having to put more and more people below them in order to feel the same high.  This is the dark side of .  However, sometimes the very pinnacles and depths of our “holdings” reveal, perhaps by simple contrast, another way.  Something works until, well…it doesn’t .  By letting go of our “holdings” a whole, new world frees up beyond the world of things.  Exhausting a vast array of other possibilities before a transforming epiphany may be a long way.  Nonetheless, if it serves as our ransom, then it may very well be worth it — a of something lesser for something greater.  May your lead you to a better place…


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