Another Bastard for Birth Control

Today, a couple hundred people gathered outside the Lucas County Courthouse in , Ohio, to demonstrate about and healthcare in .  Most of the crowd was organized by the effort to repeal Barack 's so-called care, and specifically, the requirements surrounding institution employers providing birth related services as part of any that they offer to their employees.  This was one of many around the country organized by two groups.  Nonetheless, there were dozens of people with alternative messages.  Perhaps the most provocative, was a couple of bastards from , pictured below:

Another Bastard for Birth ControlIn my opinion, is largely meaningless, unless it is in the context of how that is used and what effect this has on other people.  In the end, if these get their way, there will only be more bastards in this country.  In Ohio, close to half of pregnancies occur out-of-wedlock, and over a third of pregnancies, whether in wedlock or out-of-wedlock, are unintended.  The United States already has the highest rate of unintended pregnancies in the so-called free world.  I believe that family planning, the ability to plan the size of one's family, is a basic human right that should be honored, particularly by folks.

Several people approached me stating quite emphatically that they were not against birth .  Ironically, all of these were members of the Roman .  Typically, the distinction they were trying to make was that this rally was not about birth but about forcing certain people, particularly religious people, paying for something they do not want.  I am intrigued by pro-lifers getting all their panties in a bunch over this issue while our governments have used federal and tax dollars to execute people, including those who are mentally retarded, and to wage wars pretty much nonstop in our lifetimes.  No one seemed to have seriously considered resisting paying federal or state taxes as a matter of related to these issues.   To me it always seems that is more meaningful to ask pro-lifers whose they are most concerned about, not whether they want to protect and liberty in some abstract way.  I will and pray for the day when there are no unwanted , no executions or , and no .  Let's make it so!

Oh yeah, special thanks to with for making a show in support of for all!

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