POEM: Shooting Star

You are a shooting star
Enjoy it while you can
And may others look up
And see your light

The short poem focuses on the theme that life is short, yet it can be glorious.  The first order of business is to enjoy life while you can.  Following this, others may be blessed to look up and see the light of your life.  I like the imagery of a night sky.  The night sky is largely dark but becomes glorious with the many tiny sparkling lights strewn across the night sky.   Of course, there is a strange partnership in that the great darkness makes the tiny lights shine all the more.  However, even though the night sky may occupy much of our potential field of vision, it is often overlooked.  In some way, this makes the beauty that is present all the more beautiful, considering the blessed few who are able to take advantage of such beauty.  Perhaps ironically, these tiny distant lights in the night sky are actually huge stars, massive nuclear furnaces burning for billions of years.  You’d think that might get our attention!  Nonetheless, we seem to acclimate to such enduring glories.  The irony is that tiny, short-lived lights in a motion, that is, shooting stars, are much more likely to grab our attention.  So may your  life be poetry in motion, capturing the attention of those who can appreciate it.  And if not, may you at least be able to enjoy the burn!

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