New Design Categories

Soon after adding 225 designs to the store, I added subcategories to help people find the designs they most want.  Most important, is the new category of Occupy Wall Street.  Also, I added the subcategory of Political Quotes which encompasses designs across the primary categories, since most of my designs have a angle to them.  With new designs, there are now enough designs for subcategories of  Anti-Death Penalty, Socialism, FOX NEWS Parodies, and Vegetarian-Vegan.

On the peace front, I have added subcategories of  Peace Quotes and Anti-War Quotes.

On the - front I have added subcategories of  Religious Quotes-Sayings and Spiritual Quotes-Sayings.  While these two categories overlap quite a bit, I recognize that the distinction between and is important to many, including myself.  I have also added subcategories of Catholic and 12-Step, but I still need to upload more designs into these categories.

To round out the new categories, I have added some subcategories by graphic element, such as Police, Signs, Street Signs, and Television, TV.

Please enjoy perusing my new designs and subcategories.

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